Planet Ark announces partnership with Alliance Paper

Alliance Paper, a Queensland-based supplier of specialised paper products has partnered with Planet Ark to help communicate its efforts to make the thermal paper and food packaging markets safer and more environmentally responsible.

Till receipts and rolls

Alliance Paper aims to transition the retail industry away from using till receipts containing the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA). Its goal is to produce paper that is completely free of chemicals, a move supported by Planet Ark.

Alliance also hope to institute a return and reuse program for the plastic cores inside rill receipt rolls.

“Alliance Paper’s efforts to make safer and more sustainable products are commendable,” said Planet Ark’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Roy Tasker. “Planet Ark encourages retailers and fast food restaurants to fast track moving to paper products that are better for health and the environment.”

Rollo Wrap endorsed

Planet Ark is also endorsing Alliance Paper’s Rollo Wrap. Rollo Wrap is said to be free of chemicals of concern such as PFAS (per and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and environmentally responsible, making it a superior option to single-use plastics and greaseproof paper.

BPA health effects

BPA is an endocrine disrupter and there are concerns that frequent exposure in till receipts may cause reproductive health effects among retail workers. It has also been said that BPA has the potential to accumulate in the food chain or waterways as its not readily biodegradable.

“Alliance Paper believe the safety of staff should be of crucial concern to businesses,” said Alliance Paper Managing Director, Jon Williams. “We are excited to work with Planet Ark.”

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