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Plant-based and protein, ahead of snack pack

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Pulse of the nation reveals we’re eating more snacks yet open to soup-er new plant based protein diets

A recent study commissioned by Heinz® Plant Proteinz “Plant Proteinz Pulse of the Nation Report” has revealed that more than a third of Aussies who participated in the study admit to eating more carbs and snacking on unhealthy food, and a quarter are ‘eating all day’, since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

32% of the participants said they believe their overall wellbeing has deteriorated. While around half say that they are looking after their wellbeing better than before, 34% are buying food that doesn’t last, with 32% agreeing that they are buying foods that are lacking protein.

Even though the study also revealed that one in five Aussies have ‘no idea’ what a plant protein is, more Australians, like actor and musician Rob (Millsy) Mills, have joined the plant protein-based movement by eating less meat each week.

“I’ve made the conscious decision to have at least three meals a week that are plant protein based. It’s a winner winner, plant protein-based dinner if I can grab something quick and easy out of the pantry, like a Plant Proteinz soup,” said Millsy.

The study coincides with launch of Heinz® Plant Proteinz into Woolworths and select IGA stores nationally, which is here to help Aussies who are considering eating less meat and more plant protein-based meals – with a range of six soup-er tasty, hearty and convenient plant protein-based soups.

“We’ve been listening to the increasing demand for plant protein and weren’t surprised to find that of those considering eating more plant protein-based meals, only 34% think these can taste just as good as meals with meat,” said Simon Laroche, Kraft Heinz ANJ President.

“We’ve put the work into product development and ensuring the quality of ingredients with the new Plant Proteinz range as we’re aiming to bust that myth. Our delicious and hearty soup range is not only giving Aussies a tasty alternative to meat-based meal options, each pouch also contains 15grams of plant protein per serve,” continued Laroche.

The Plant Proteinz Pulse of the Nation report also revealed that:

  • Those who are working full time are more likely to say they are looking after their wellbeing better than ever before (58%) and/or have a better routine (56%)
  • Around half of Aussies who participated in the survey would also consider joining the plant protein-based trend if it had a direct effect on helping to combat climate change (50%) and would be better for animals (46%).
  • A third of people are already eating less meat and almost 1 in 4 Australians who we asked are considering reducing their meat intake in the future.

For just $4.50, Plant Proteinz is doing Aussies a massive flavour – full of great tasting veggies, beans and legumes; and each pack includes 15 grams of plant-based protein.

Millsy is also connecting with Aussies online during the pandemic as the official Plant Proteinz ‘Mate with Spoon’ virtually popping into living rooms to support those who are looking to new experiences. To follow Mate with Spoon and for your chance to connect, visit Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Society Marketing Communications.

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