Monday, June 17, 2024

PURA reduces plastics in its South Australian milk bottles

PURA has reduced the amount of plastic used to produce all its 2-litre milk bottles in South Australia, making PURA 2-litre bottles amongst the lightest in Australia. Each PURA 2-litre bottle will now be reduced by 1gm less plastic, making the total bottle weight just 38 grams compared to the older bottles at 39 grams. This contributes towards removing eight tonnes of plastic annually from circulation, according to the company.

PURA’s Mary Stafford, Head of Marketing White Milk at Bega Dairy and Drinks, says the initiative “Choose a Better Bottle” is part of the company’s commitment to making real change wherever possible across every product manufactured.

“As a responsible and forward-thinking organisation, we are constantly working on ways to reduce plastic waste and help protect our environment. The Better Bottle results from our commitment to sustainability and is designed to minimise our ecological footprint. Reducing the amount of plastic in milk bottles reduces plastic pollution and carbon emissions, which has a positive impact on wildlife and marine ecosystems, and overall environmental health,” Ms Stafford said.

The reduction of plastic from milk bottles in South Australia now aligns it with the PURA milk bottles manufactured in other states. Since 2019, PURA has removed over 425 tonnes of plastic from its 2L milk bottles nationally. The reduced plastic “Better Bottles” now applies to all variants, including Full Cream, Light Start, Lactose-Free Full Cream, Lactose-Free Light Start, and Skimmer in the 2L bottles range.

To amplify the message of the lighter bottles, PURA 2L milk bottles will include neck tags containing plantable seed sticks exclusively designed for South Australians. Seventy-five thousand bottleneck tags will be available on bottles across South Australia at Coles and Foodland, starting 31 May, while stocks last. The collectible seed varieties include Poppy, Everlasting Daisy, Basil or Lettuce.

“We want to encourage customers to repurpose their milk bottle as a plantar and watch the herbs or flowers grow. With our customers’ combined effort and support, we can plant the seed of change for a bright future,” Ms Stafford said.

To further celebrate this South Australian milestone and to educate consumers on the positive steps, PURA has taken and continues to take towards a more sustainable future, PURA has created a microsite, The microsite notably references the achievement of zero waste to landfill at PURA’s Salisbury manufacturing site in South Australia, a milestone that took over 12 years of collaboration to achieve.

“PURA believes that small changes made by consumers can significantly impact reducing plastic pollution. Choosing a “Better Bottle” can be another step towards creating a more sustainable future.”

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