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Red Feb 2021, prevention’s the best medicine

Every 30 minutes an Australian dies from heart disease.

We’ve begun 2021 with our health at the top of our priority list, after experiencing a year like no other in 2020. Therefore, it’s crucial to know exactly what can be prioritised when it comes to preventing a disease as serious and deadly as heart disease, this Red Feb.

Cardiologist Dr Edward Barin discusses with Heart Research Australia, the new approach to keeping hearts healthy – the 4-M approach.


No matter what your age is, keep moving!

Dr Berin says that the benefits of exercise are more than fitness and flexibility.

“It stimulates the body’s immune system, reduces blood thickening so it clots less easily, improves brain function and lowers blood pressure. Exercise can even prevent some forms of cancer.”


Dr Berin talks about the importance of understanding the effects of trans fat.

Including, “How the body metabolises different carbohydrates (sugars) and the impact this has on weight, diabetes and body fat deposits.

“Research consistently shows that the right balance between food intake and exercise is vital for optimum weight, fitness and health.”


Keeping track of your health measurements are important.

“This includes cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight, sugar levels, waist circumference and exercise capacity.

“A close relationship between the family doctor and subject will optimise the way good health is measured and monitored.”

Mental Approach

The mind has proven to be linked to heart health as well.

Dr Berin says, “Important risk factors that may lead to heart disease include stress, anger and depression.

“They can be as damaging as high cholesterol levels in causing heart disease.”

Click here, to read the steps presented by Dr Berin.

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