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Retailer technology leaves customers lagging

IBM has announced the findings of its ‘2016 Global Customer Experience Index Study’.

The results gave an outline of the Australian retail sector, emphasising the room for improvement in cross-channel and omnichannel experience, convenience and personalisation for customers.

Key findings:

  • Disparity between channel experiences: Australian retailers received a rating of 54 per cent for providing a consistent experience across channels, behind both the UK (60 per cent) and US (55 per cent).
  • Better utilisation of data/analytics: only 19 per cent of participating Australian retailers provide personalised-name, product content and marketing messages in at least one digital channel (with authentication).
  • Australian retailers are beginning to adapt new technologies: only 45 per cent globally offer additional product information via a digital device in-store, compared with 62 per cent in Australia.
  • Still some tech teething issues: ‘click and collect’ is now offered by 62 per cent of Australian retailers, yet they received a rating of only 33 per cent for the in-store collection experience.
  • In-store personalisation via technology an opportunity: only 19 per cent of retailers are currently welcoming customers in-store via push notifications, self-service kiosks or other technology devices.

“With the growth of online commerce, Australian retailers have rushed to provide a true omnichannel experience for consumers,” IBM Interactive Experience Partner Ian Wong said. “The result has been an increased focus on social and digital engagement, but there’s still a large expectation gap in the more traditional face-to-face interactions, like in-store and call centres.

“While Australian retailers are providing a better overall customer experience in comparison with others, they still need to work on homogenising this experience across all channels to give customers the consistency they desire.”

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