Returning to work safely

Anti-viral sanitisation company Cleancorp has developed a return-to-work plan.

This plan is applicable to all businesses who want to keep their workplaces safe in the new physical distancing environment.

“At Cleancorp, we have had more than 1,500 inquiries for our anti-viral cleaning services since the start of the pandemic, with one overwhelming question in recent weeks: ‘How do I get my people back to the office, so they feel safe?’,” says Cleancorp co-founder and Director Lisa Macqueen

“With many employees anxious about heading back to the office – and some too afraid to even return to work – the next few weeks will be crucial for many organisations, as they begin a slow and staggered return to the workplace.

“If businesses haven’t taken appropriate steps to minimise virus-related risks on-site, it could open them up to the risk of infections, Work Cover claims and negative publicity. That’s why we have created a step-by-step guide to help businesses transition back to work and manage this ‘new normal.’”

Cleancorp’s 9-step transition plan to minimise COVID-19 risk

  1. Manage employee expectations.
  2. Plan your space using the four-square-metre rule.
  3. Initiate a rotational working system.
  4. Appoint an on-site COVID-19 ‘champion’.
  5. Create a plan for ongoing sanitisation.
  6. Assess and determine how to use shared meeting spaces.
  7. Incorporate company vehicles into your cleaning schedule.
  8. Consider a cleaning concierge service.
  9. Hire a commercial cleaning specialist.

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