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How to build your sense of community

True loyalty comes from creating a sense of community, not just rewards, says Retail Doctor Group COO and Head of Consumer Insights Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis.

One of the ongoing conversations in today’s competitive retail environment is about loss of loyalty in favour of convenience or price. Whilst customer loyalty isn’t entirely dead, it does require some serious attention. In a world where personalisation is now everything, customers are expecting more from their retail experiences.

Retail Doctor Group COO and Head of Consumer Insights Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis
Retail Doctor Group COO and Head of Consumer Insights Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis.

“It requires a deep understanding of your customers on an emotional level, their needs, motivations and different drivers for shopping at your particular store,” she said. “Customers need to build loyalty beyond transactions and businesses need to know how to create an experience that has consumers walking past your competitor to shop with you.”

This year Ms Lloyd-Wallis is one of more than 30 speakers presenting on a wide range of business topics at the 2022 Naturally Good Expo.

Here she previews her upcoming Speaker Series presentation Is customer loyalty dead in retail or just resting?’

What typically creates customer loyalty

“Customers are loyal to brands they have an emotional connection with. Up to 95% of consumer decision making is done by the subconscious brain, so emotions drive consumer decision making much more than rational thought. Consumers are looking for brands and retailers that they can connect with who offer them an experience that meets their emotional needs. It needs to go beyond just the transaction,” Ms Lloyd-Wallis said.

Loyalty versus disloyalty

“It’s a common misconception that consumers are less loyal in today’s market. However, research shows that customers are actually more loyal now to products – as long as they’re the right brands. Primarily they’re looking for brands that deliver an experience. So, with the gap between transactional retail and experiential retail growing, it can be misinterpreted as consumers being dis-loyal if you are playing purely in the transactional space and have no customer care factor,” she said.

The key to a great store experience – less friction

“Consumers have different needs based on their personality profiles and all have very different objectives for both online and instore. But one thing that’s becoming increasingly common is demand for a ‘frictionless’ experience. Time is so much more valuable to consumers these days so having an online or in-store experience that values your time in paramount,” Ms Lloyd-Wallis said.

Why personalisation is important

“Consumers want to be treated as individuals. ‘One size fits all’ retail is no longer valid for a demanding customer. Retail personalisation provides every shopper with a unique journey across every single touchpoint and channel, and businesses that fail to do this are at a disadvantage. Effective personalisation should be based on historical data and real-time shopper intent, powered by customer and product intelligence,” Ms Lloyd-Wallis advised.

Future predictions and retail-tainment

“Consumers want to connect with retailers more than ever. They want to be part of a community and feel a sense of belonging. Sense of community we have seen this in the rise of local retail and increased loyalty – people want a reason to leave the house and connect with others. The increase of experiential retail showcases a new need for ‘retail-tainment’. Consumers want to be entertained and be part of something and this will become increasingly important in years to come,” she said.

Ms Lloyd-Wallis will be expanding on her presentation ‘Is customer loyalty dead in retail or just resting?’ at the 2022 Naturally Good Expo Speaker Series on Monday, June 6, at 1:30pm at Sydney’s ICC. For more information and to register, visit Naturally Good.

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