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Ritchies Tatura unveils grand expansion and a new drive-through bottle shop

The long-awaited new and improved Ritchies Tatura new-look store in Victoria is now complete, growing its retail footprint by adding an extension that has tripled its size, taking it from approximately 900sqm to a sprawling 3000sqm.

“The expansion is set to redefine the shopping landscape in the relatively small country town of Tatura, Victoria, and establish the Ritchies Tatura store as a must-visit destination for all your grocery and liquor needs,” says Ritchies Stores CEO Fred Harrison.

The bigger, the better

Working with landlord Alan Fisher of Fishers Developments, the decision to expand this store is a testament to the joint commitment of delivering the very best to the locals. With the addition of this substantial extension, the supermarket and liquor store now offers a much wider variety of products and entirely new departments.

Based on the Ritchies Fine Food & Wine model the shopping experience has been taken to new heights, making it easier than ever to find everything you need under one roof.

A super-sized fresh experience

“The heart and soul of Ritchies has always been its fresh departments, and with this expansion, these areas have received a significant boost,” Mr Harrison said. The cheese department, known for its impressive selection of cheeses from around the world, a 200 per cent money back guarantee on fresh produce testament to Ritchies focus on fresh. The new Sushi store within a store also offers locals freshly hand-made in store daily.

More room for quality

The meat department’s expansion sees the introduction of dry-aged meats, further enhancing the dining experience for meat enthusiasts. Dry-aged meat connoisseurs will appreciate the dedication to quality and taste that comes with this added space.

Deli delights and artisanal baking

The deli department displays a wide array of international and locally sourced delicacies.

Gourmet olives, premium charcuterie, and other delights is available in abundance. The

bakery has also expanded capabilities, ensuring an even greater variety of fresh artisanal bread, pastries, cakes and desserts to choose from.

Liquor store excellence

With a significant increase in size, the liquor store will continue to impress. Wine enthusiasts will find an even broader selection of wines from around the world. Whiskey aficionados will be delighted by the extensive whiskey collection. And craft beer lovers will have more options to explore, all in a spacious and welcoming environment.

Introducing a drive-through bottle shop

Ritchies Tatura has introduced a new drive-through bottle shop. This innovative addition makes purchasing favourites more convenient than ever. “It’s the perfect solution for customers on the go, allowing them to quickly pick up their preferred beverages without leaving the comfort of their vehicle,” Mr Harrison said.

Job opportunities for the local community

In addition to the myriad benefits the expansion brings to shoppers, it also offers a significant boon to the local community. The increased size of Ritchies Tatura has required additional staff, creating over 60 new jobs in the local town. “This is not only a testament to Ritchies Tatura’s growth but also a testament to its commitment to the wellbeing and prosperity of the Tatura community.”

A commitment to the community

The expansion of Ritchies Tatura is a testament to the brand’s dedication to its customers and the Tatura community. “This bigger and better shopping destination is a one-stop-shop for quality, fresh produce, and exceptional customer service,” Mr Harrison said. “Add in the financial contribution through Ritchies Loyalty Card which allows shoppers to nominate their favourite club, school or charity to receive a percentage of their total spend at Ritchies and it quickly becomes apparent why Ritchies tagline ‘Where the Community Benefits’ is embraced by its customer base.

“Ritchies Tatura is yet another example of Ritchies commitment to developing world class stores, we can’t wait to see what’s next,” Mr Harrison said.

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