Friday, April 19, 2024

Roadshow Queensland

In 2019, Retail World launched a Roadshow series to celebrate suppliers from different regions in Australia. We’re looking to celebrate heritage brands and uncover innovation from every corner of the country. We started our journey in South Australia in May and continued on to Tasmania in July. Next up, Queensland.

Queensland is home to many forward-thinking businesses of all sizes that are achieving important successes not just in Queensland, but around the country.

Our Queensland Roadshow feature will enable leaders and emerging players in the Queensland market to share their stories with a national grocery and FMCG audience. We’ll be exploring the unique journey’s Queensland businesses have embarked on and highlighting brands that have become family favourites, whether within or beyond state lines.

We’ll also be interviewing and profiling retailers, distributors and industry bodies to establish a comprehensive overview of the Queensland grocery market. We’ll share consumer dynamics and other factors that have shaped the unique retail environment in the state. And, of course, we’ll keep pace with the latest and emerging developments that are shaking up the market.

With independent research, market data, and commentary from industry-leaders, this special feature will be an essential platform for all involved in the Queensland market.

To explore opportunities within this feature (editorial/advertising) please fill out the contact form within this post.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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