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Saffron sugar cube wins SIAL Canada innovation grand prize

Canada-based Minami Group’s Taj Food took out the top prize at the SIAL Canada event with its Saffron Sugar Cube, which is described as combining an interesting mix of flavours, being 100 per cent natural and sold in convenient re-sealable packaging.

SIAL Innovation is an international contest made up of food professionals, managed by SIAL Canada 2017 food-innovation ambassador Dana McCauley and presided over by Xavier Terlet and the XTC World Innovation firm. The jury rewards 10 finalists and hands out one grand prize.

Other products to make it to the finals, with SIAL Canada descriptions, were:

  • Le Moulin à champignons, Sabarot (France): “A select blend of mill-dried mushrooms. A convenient way of using mushrooms when cooking at home.”
  • Le Petit Quinoa, Sabarot (France): “A blend of grains and quinoa sold in the shape of a sausage, designed to be sliced and pan-fried in minutes. High in protein and gluten-free, this product combines  health, and convenience.”
  • Turbana Plantain Chips, Turbana (US): “Consumer health benefits pop up again, along with novel taste, in these plantain chips, which are free of cholesterol, saturated fat, and gluten.”
  • Sauce Mac & Cheese, Les Aliments O’Sole Mio (Canada): “Fresh, ready-made macaroni-and-cheese sauce sold in a spouted container. The product scored well with the jury for its convenience and time-saving nature.”
  • 29 Février Maple-in-a-tree, Groupe 29 février (Canada): “The jury had great things to say about its ‘bag-in-tub’ configuration, which protects the product and allows it to keep longer.”
  • Vermouth Vinegar, Vinagrerias Riojanas (Spain): “A product that reacquaints consumers with vinegar through a novel, premium taste.”
  • Quinta Quinoa, Katan (Canada): “High in protein and iron, Quinta Quinoa is sold in a freestanding re-sealable bag.”
  • Crispy Dill Pickled Carrots, Safies Speciality Foods Company (US): “Spice-and-vinegar-marinated Safies carrots, in elegant packaging.”
  • Patty Fresh, Tiffany Gate Foods (Canada): “A fresh, vegan, pre-cooked roll that is meant to be sliced by the consumer for added convenience.”

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