Sainsbury’s aims high

Sainsbury’s commits to investing £1 billion over twenty years, towards becoming a Net Zero business across its own operations by 2040.

This commitment aligns to the highest ambitions of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and is a decade ahead of the UK Government’s own target.

For the last six years, Sainsbury’s has been awarded an A rating for taking action on Climate Change by the CDP, the highest rating of any UK supermarket.

“Our commitment has always been to help customers live well for less, but we must recognise that living well now also means living sustainably,” said CEO of Sainsbury’s, Mike Coupe.

What will the £1 billion do?

Reduction in carbon emissions: Reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions within its own operations to Net Zero, increasing the use of renewable energy.

Lowering water usage: Minimising the use of water in its own operations, driving towards water neutral by 2040.

Use of plastic: Sainsbury’s will halve plastic packaging by 2025 and then go further – the first UK supermarket to make a commitment of this scale.

Recycling:  Increase the use of recycling in its own operations and make it easier for customers and colleagues to recycle.

Tackling food waste: Sainsbury’s is committed to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

Healthy, more sustainable diets: Sainsbury’s will develop and deliver healthy and sustainable diets for all.

Biodiversity: The company will ensure that the impact of its operations is net positive for biodiversity.

For more information about Sainsbury’s commitment to Net Zero 2040, visit:

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