Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Seven shades of darkness

Lindt has introduced a seventh variety of dark chocolate to its popular Excellence range: Excellence 50% Cocoa Subtle Dark.

Containing the range’s gentlest blend, it has been designed especially for “dark-chocolate connoisseurs-in-training”.

“The block’s delicate cocoa flavour and subtle hints of vanilla provide a surprisingly soft, nuanced and creamy dark chocolate experience,” Lindt says. “Toffee notes add a touch of sweetness.”

Excellence 50% Cocoa joins the original 70% Cocoa, 70% Smooth Blend, 78%, 85%, 90% and 95% Cocoa dark chocolate blocks.

Cocoa percentage in chocolate refers to the amount of ingredients drawn from cocoa beans that were used to create it. Be that cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and sometimes a small amount of cocoa powder, these blend to create the unique colour and flavour. The higher the cocoa content the less of other ingredients, mainly providing sweetness, and the more flavour attribute of the cocoa beans that ‘shine’ through.

“Cocoa is a unique and incredibly complex ingredient made up of hundreds of flavour compounds,” Lindt says.

“Just like wine and coffee, characteristics are influenced by terroir, the flavour profile of cocoa reveals different qualities depending on where the cocoa tree grows, what it draws from the soil, the water and environment, and how the beans are processed after harvesting at the plantation. In fine quality chocolate you can discover roasted and nutty aromas, fruity tones, floral notes, hints of spice and even complex nuances such as vegetal and earthy notes, all from the cocoa.”

Lindt’s Excellence range is available at select retail stores.

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