Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sherpa delivers fuel discounts to its drivers

Sherpa has cut a deal with EG Australia to provide exclusive fuel discounts to the Sherpa fleet of more than 11,000 drivers across the country.

Active from this Wednesday (10 August), before the federal government’s halving of fuel excise rates ends on 28 September, the partnership between Sherpa and EG Australia offers Sherpas (drivers) the ability to save 4-6¢ per litre (up to $9 per fill). Based on a once weekly fill, it is said this equates to an annual saving of up to $468 per Sherpa.

“We’ve pursued this partnership as a matter of priority for our drivers, who, like many of our business and non-business individual customers, are truly struggling with the rising cost of living,” says Sherpa CEO Duncan Brett.

“Coupled with personal accident insurance coverage for each Sherpa, which we introduced earlier this year, our discount deal with EG Australia is a statement about how seriously we care about the welfare and prosperity of our drivers.

“Gig economy operators are often in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, but we have a considered strategy for making Sherpa the platform of choice for gig economy workers across Australia and now in parts of New Zealand too. We’re obsessed with enhancing the driver experience because – while we don’t impose exclusivity on Sherpas – we want them to choose to do a delivery via the Sherpa platform versus delivering for our competitors.

“Collaborations such as the one we’ve forged with EG Australia demonstrate our commitment to our driver partners. Although they’re technically not employees, they are, without question, of critical value to Sherpa’s operations and therefore, the business decisions we make always take into account the welfare and wellbeing of the Sherpa fleet.”

Accessing the discount

Under the partnership – believed to be a gig economy Australian-first – the discount will be available to all Sherpas once a day on purchases of up to 150 litres. It will operate according to Sherpa’s tier-based driver-loyalty program for its Base Camp, Altitude and Summit drivers. The more deliveries a driver has completed for Sherpa, the greater the discount offering at EG Australia’s fuel stations.

To receive the discount, Sherpas simply need to show a personalised barcode within the Sherpa driver app on their smartphones at check-out. Those who also present a valid Woolworths Everyday Rewards Card voucher will receive a further discount of 4¢.

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