Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sliding doors – stop intruders with new protection system

Suitable for entrances with high security demands, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’s Intrusion Protection System is set to take security to the next level.

The multilevel Intrusion Protection System is said to provide multiple level security across all door access points – the top of the door, the middle edges and the bottom.

The top of the door can reportedly be enhanced with ASSA ABLOY’s electromechanical locking system; the middle edges with interlocking profiles, bandit-proof glass and hardened steel door locating pins; the bottom of the door by a bottom tracking system with door frame inserts.

Safety and intruder detection

The Intrusion Protection System is said to come with an integrated activation and presence detection system.

The integrated activation system detects people and objects in the doorway, preventing the doors from closing until safe to do so.

The presence detection system detects movements near the door and can be used to deter unwanted intruders through visual deterrents or monitored alarm systems.

Multiple control features

Combining the multilevel Intrusion Protection System with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’ SL500 Automatic Sliding Door Operator is said to allow control of the door by multiple inputs.

One input feature is said to be pharmacy mode, which allows the door to only partially open after a set time, further enhancing door security and employee safety.

Another input feature is reportedly the full lock down mode for times an immediate response is required.


The automatic door system is said to ensure sustainability through energy reduction and cooling/heating cost savings.

Sensors embedded in the door system reportedly fine-tune opening/closing times, further enhancing energy efficiency.

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