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Smartlite reaches shoppers nationwide

Living up to its reputation as Australia’s fastest growing digital out-of-home business, Shopper Media Group now has Smartlite digital panels installed in every state and territory of Australia, recently adding the Northern Territory to its portfolio of more than 150 shopping centres nationally.

The latest deal has Shopper Media Group on track to installing more than 1,000 Smartlite digital advertising panels across 300 Australian shopping centres by the end of 2016.

Shopper Media Group says the high-tech Smartlite digital panels offer unparalleled marketing influence in shopping-centre advertising, with their HD screens, beacon technology, webcam and intelligent wi-fi analytics changing the way shopping centres are managed and consumers are shopping.

“The Smartlite panels greatly enhance the consumer’s shopping experience by providing free wi-fi, with a faster connection than 4G and unlimited data, to guarantee the best possible experience within the shopping centre,” Shopper Media Group CEO Ben Walker said.

“But what sets them apart is their ability to capture a huge range of consumer analytics and it’s this offering that has shopping centres signing on.

“When a consumser registers and accesses the free Smartlite wi-fi within a shopping centre, their shopping behaviour, social media and internet use are tracked, giving our clients access to a greater understanding of their individual centre’s traffic flow.”

Smartlite analytics can generate a real-time heat map of the consumer’s usage and movement around the centre. Mr Walker says this type of data helps shopping centres better understand what their consumers need, allowing them to create a community that connects within the shopping centre.

For advertisers, the analytics captured by the Smartlites offer key insights into consumer behaviour and interests, enabling them to better integrate their messaging and ensuring that consumers are being served relevant information, on time, in real time and on their path to purchase.

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