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SMC takes customers on an energy saving journey

Compressed air comes at a significant cost to companies operating in the food, beverage, and packaging industries. In fact, in many areas of production, more than 20% of compressed air energy can be attributed to waste.

SMC’s key strategy to reduce this waste includes an analysis of existing energy consumption and identifying strategies to reduce waste.

Waste can be largely attributed to higher than necessary flow rates, excessive pressure leading to higher pressure drops and high leakage rates.

SMC has long been an advocate for energy saving technology and has spent years developing new energy saving technologies for its customers through its Energy Conservation Group.

Go on a journey with SMC

Thanks to a four-step plan, SMC can easily and quickly help customers realise energy saving opportunities. Steps are as follows:

1.     Visualise or identify – SMC works alongside customers to identify energy saving opportunities and gain an understanding of their compressed air utilisation and the potential for energy savings.


2.     Analyse – Once this data has been collected, it can be analysed and related to the compressed air processes to identify areas where the most significant energy savings can be realised. By reviewing energy saving opportunities in an efficient and structured manner, the cost of improvements can often be significantly reduced. Often, small changes can make a big difference.


3.     Implement – Having identified and analysed the processes using real data, it is possible to incorporate energy saving techniques to compressed air processes.  Through monitoring components such as flow meters and pressure sensors there is improved visibility and feedback relating to energy consumption.


4.     Improve – Once the smart technology is implemented, SMC continuously reviews the processes and savings to identify the next opportunity for improvement and to ensure that any change is reviewed against the base line data to quantify the measured improvement .


Customers who are interested in more information or to enquire about an air efficiency audit can contact SMC at


About SMC

Founded over 60 years ago, SMC operates in 83 countries, employing 19,000 people across the globe. It has an R&D engineering team of 1,450 and an 8,200-strong sales force, who are experts in their field and enjoy a close working relationship with SMC’s customers. To deliver automation solutions for its diverse customer base, SMC offers more than 12,000 basic products with over 700,000 variations. SMC is the world’s leading pneumatics provider and has been voted for three consecutive years as one of the most innovative global companies by leading business magazine, Forbes and is listed in the FORBES Global 2000 as one of the world’s largest public companies.

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