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SPC launches new Helping Humans range as part of health strategy

SPC has entered the $8 billion beverage market in Australia with a new brand called Helping Humans.

Entering the $700 million better for you segment, the range of living sparkling waters – Lemon Lime, Ginger and Berry Pomegranate – are infused with active botanicals and are naturally sugar free. Helping humans is being sold through Coles, 7-Eleven and various Independents.

With 10% of all profits going straight to charity partners, as chosen by the consumers, Helping Humans reflects consumers’ growing call for brands to deliver on social and environmental impact as well as enjoyment. Every can includes a QR code for consumers to Scan the Can to Do Good by selecting which partner they want the funds to support, putting the decision making in every drinker’s hand.

Partnering organisations include Headspace, The McGrath Foundation, Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation, Streetsmart, One Heart, Black Dog, Planet Ark and Ceres.

Helping Humans is produced at SPC’s Shepparton plant by fermenting botanicals for over 42 days thereafter sparkling water is added to create natural beverage that is refreshing and a healthy alternative to soft drinks.

Chief Commercial Officer Tara Lordsmith says, “We are delighted not only to launch a healthy drink but to also partner with great charities and assist them every time we make a sale.  We left the choice of charity where it belongs, in the hand of our customers. The customer can scan the QR code on the can and choose which cause he/she feels most strongly about supporting.

SPC expects to attract a strong market share for Helping Humans beverages and more products are planned for launch under the brand.

The company’s Centre for Excellence is also researching and producing fruit-based snack and beverage solutions through its ProVital brand, nutritious specialised meal solutions SPC Care through its new subsidiary, The Kuisine Company, and home delivered meals through The Good Meal Company.

Over the last two years, the new private owners of SPC have invested around $35 million in new information technology, new systems and a new management team to both stabilise the business and expand its operations.

The company expects to add the Helping Humans products to the export of its products currently to US, Thailand, and throughout the Pacific Islands, with more overseas markets being opened up.

The company’s Chairman Hussein Rifai says, “The turnaround and a recently $110 million capital raising provides us with the firepower to expand our operations internationally through gaining access to potential partners, acquisitions and customers, as well as markets for our expanding product range”.

For more information on Helping Humans, visit helpinghumans.com.au.

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