Monday, July 22, 2024

St Remio launches new premium instant range

St Remio coffee company has introduced three new Premium Instant coffee blends batch brewed in Melbourne, to take on the highly competitive instant coffee market.

Featuring Cappuccino, 99% Sugar-Free Cappuccino and Decaf Cappuccino, the range has launched exclusively into Coles and is “set to take on market leaders Nestle and JDE.”

“The segment grew exponentially during covid and now continues to grow 15.7% year on year and currently outsells the capsule segment as a whole in supermarkets and sits just under pure coffee sales as one of the key segments in coffee,” according to St Remio.

Recognising the gap in the market for a locally-made instant coffee, St Remio Co-founders Trent Knox and Julia Tink spent three years in development to create a range that featured the signature foamy layer but delivered on taste.

“Nothing beats a barista made coffee, but to make it yourself at home can be hard. So, we wanted to create an instant range that could deliver you that cafe experience in a simple, no-fuss way. From the office, to home, camping and travelling, you now have a great coffee to take with you that will always deliver no matter where you are,”  Mr Knox said.

Since the company’s inception in 2015, they have been funding projects for coffee growers in Rwanda. From ongoing training and education, the purchase of additional land, coffee seedlings, and a plant nursery, the company remains committed to supporting coffee growers and ensuring that their support can lift communities out of poverty, provide additional jobs and make coffee farming a desirable career choice for the next generation.

With over 80% of the world’s coffee farmers living on or below the poverty line, it is St Remio’s mission to connect the consumer to the grower.

“It is through this connection that we can truly understand how our choices have a direct impact on the lives of coffee growers.

“Only then can we recognise how we can be the solution and support these communities to ensure we protect coffee for future generations to come,” Ms Tink said.

Available at Coles Supermarkets nationally, St Remio Premium Instant range retails at $7.50 per box.

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