Streets and Kellogg’s collaborate for exciting creations

Streets’ Golden Gaytime and Kellogg’s Coco Pops have teamed up for the ultimate collaboration.

Golden Gaytime and Coco Pops have joined forces to bring Australia’s “favourite” ice cream and chocolate breakfast cereal together in two exciting creations.

Firstly, available from today, is a “mouth-watering” Coco Pops Golden Gaytime flavour cereal, “set to bring golden toffee-vanilla deliciousness to the morning breakfast bowl, Gaytime tastes collide with classic Coco Pops in a mix made in heaven.”

From 1 March, a Coco Pops flavoured Golden Gaytime will launch in supermarkets. The Coco Pops chocolatey cereal flavoured reduced fat ice cream is topped with Coco Pops flavoured biscuit crumbs for the ultimate flavour mash-up.

Streets’ Brand Manager Samantha Jarmul said, “Australia’s most iconic ice cream is beyond excited to partner with Kellogg’s® to bring together two Aussie favourites for the biggest collab ever to exist!”

“We know it’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own, so we’ve paired together the crumbly-goodness of our Gaytime, with the iconic Coco Pops flavour, to create both a cereal and ice cream you can have on your own, with a mate, or with the whole gang!”

Kellogg’s Senior Marketing Lead Dan Bitti said ‘’We’re ecstatic to have the two cultural icons of Kellogg’s Coco Pops and Street’s Golden Gaytime come together for the first time. We can’t wait for Aussies to get their first taste of the chocolatey collab.”

Coco Pops Golden Gaytime flavour cereal is available on supermarket shelves from 22 February and Coco Pops flavoured Golden Gaytime ice cream can be found in supermarket freezers from 1 March and select convenience stores from 15 March.

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