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More success for WA potato campaign

Household panel data from independent research company Fresh Logic shows that Western Australian fresh potato sales have remained level, while the national market is in freefall decline.

Since midway through 2012, the national fresh potatoes market has experienced a near 20,000t per quarter drop in volume (more than a 20 per cent decline in sales). During the same time period, the WA market has held sales volumes, despite an increase in competition and adverse trading conditions.

Potato Marketing Corporation Marketing Manager Paul Graham says WA potato growers invested in a marketing campaign to protect their sales.

“The investment has strengthened the WA market in a category which is in global decline,” he said. “To our knowledge, we are the only campaign worldwide to have had this success.

“In addition to the positive trade data, our recently conducted consumer research shows that we have created a healthy category that consumers are excited to shop in.”

In July 2015 the campaign evolved its creative strategy to remind consumers that fresh potatoes can be part of any meal.

“We want to establish a market position for fresh potatoes as ‘the essential ingredient’,” Potato Marketing Corporation of Western Australia Brand Manager Laura Clarke said.

“We are reminding consumers that potatoes can be part of any meal occasion. No matter what you decide to eat and when you decide to eat it, potatoes can and should always play their part. We’re determined that consumers see potatoes as tasty, versatile, nutritious and incredible value for money.”

The Fresh Potatoes ‘Serve Up Some Goodness’ campaign uses a 52-week media plan across radio, outdoor and digital. Local independent retailers feature potato point of sale each quarter, a Facebook community of more than 17,000 people has been developed and nearly 20 of WA’s leading chefs are ambassadors for the industry.

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