Monday, June 17, 2024

Sweet potato topples avo in ‘chipster’ index

The avocado, the premier ingredient in hipster cafes Australia-wide, has just surrendered its crown to the sweet potato. Analysis of national sales data from dip producer Yumi’s indicates that the popular creamy green vegetable has been knocked off top spot in hipster diets.

According to Yumi’s ‘Chipster Index’, which tracks unit sales of popular dips based on key ingredients, sweet potato has overtaken avocado at Yumi’s for the first time, reflecting its steady rise in popularity.

Since late March, Yumi’s sweet potato-based dip sales have been marginally stronger than avocado in all states except NSW, which remains an avocado stronghold. The most recent figures indicate that unit sales of sweet potato-based dips were 2.5% higher nationally in July. In Victoria, the lead was stronger, with unit sales ahead more than 10%.

“This dip dip is seismic news in the dip community,” says Susan Booker, Head of Product Innovation at Yumi’s.

“As a team, we look for evidence that our sales trends reflect the market for food as a whole, and our analysis is that sweet potatoes are cropping up far more frequently on the menu at hipster cafes.”

She says the change in the league table is probably reflective of menu innovation and the growth in popularity of the sweet potato fry.

“Avocados aren’t going anywhere, but right now they have a best supporting actor role according to our Chipster data,” says Ms Booker.

“Avocados will always be hugely popular. They’re absolutely perfect for dips – and avocados with poached eggs and sourdough is now as Australian as an Anzac Biscuit or a Lamington.”

Around ten million metric tonnes of avocados are grown annually worldwide, only a tenth of the volume of worldwide sweet potato production. Both produce types originated in Central America.

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