Sunday, April 14, 2024

Tesco introduces tubeless kitchen foil

Tesco has launched what is claimed to be the UK’s first ever tubeless kitchen foil.

According to the retailer, the new innovation will save 12.5 million cardboard rolls from needing to be produced each year.

The product has made possible thanks to a new machine that allows the aluminium foil to be rolled tightly around a spindle that has air vents in it. By pumping air into these vents, it allows the aluminium foil to be gently released.

“This new machine has revolutionised foil production, saving hundreds of tonnes of cardboard from needlessly being made in the first place,” says Tesco Technical Manager Bronwen Williams.

“We’re continually looking at ways in which we can cut down on packaging in order to help the environment and hope, after starting with our top selling kitchen foil line, that we will be able to apply this to the rest of our foil range.”

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