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The app solving the abandoned trolley issue

Have you ever noticed an abandoned trolley at the end of the street and wondered, how can retailers keep track of ALL of their trolleys?

Aussie app Snap Send Solve, is making this situation a whole lot easier!

The app allows people to report public space issues to businesses and authorities with a few clicks on their phone, and it’s fast becoming the way of reporting wayward trolleys.

At the end of July 2020, Snap Send Solve had already received over 12,000 reports nationally about dumped trolleys, which it passes on to the relevant retailer to address.

Reports about abandoned trolleys are being sent to the likes of Coles, Target, Dan Murphys, Woolworths, Kmart and Aldi.

“That’s why we’re getting so many reports come through Snap Send Solve now – it’s a one stop shop for not only reporting found trolleys, but also other maintenance issues that people see in the community, whether it’s a burst pipe,  graffiti, a fallen tree or injured wildlife,” says Managing Director of Snap Send Solve, Jarrod Pepper.

“The app has the smarts to process the issue and automatically direct it to the relevant retailer, local business or authority, taking the confusion and stress out of reporting community issues.”

The issue of the abandoned trolley  

In addition to being unattractive aesthetically to the community environment, abandoned trolleys are a potential hazard to pedestrians, traffic and the environment – dumped trolleys represent a huge cost to retailers.

The cost of collecting, maintaining and replacing trolleys nationally has been estimated at about $50 million per year.

Snap Send Solve is expecting trolley reports to rise further based on the apps’ broader data trends. With Australians spending more time at home and around their local neighbourhood due to Covid-19, an interesting side-affect has been a sharp rise in the number of local issues being reported by residents across the nation.

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