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The art of dumplings

Dumplings will always be a go-to for plenty of people – “a bit like burgers or pizza” – according to Perth-based cook and two-time ‘MasterChef’ contestant Brendan Pang.

His new range brings three of the best-selling dumplings from his restaurant, Bumplings in Perth, to the freezer of selected Woolworths stores across NSW, Victoria and Western Australia.

“I love cooking and sharing my knowledge in the kitchen, but what I love most is sharing my food with others to enjoy,” says Mr Pang. “I’ve always had questions from people across Australia asking when and how they can try my dumplings, and I’m thrilled to now say this is the answer.

“I’m most proud about the quality of the produce and the attention to detail that goes into crafting these dumplings. Each dumpling is especially shaped to hold more sauce and is made using the freshest local ingredients. I’ve personally worked on perfecting these recipes and am excited to finally be able to share them with Australia.”

The Brendan Pang range (RRP $9.50 for a 280g pack) includes Pork & Ginger Dumplings, Chicken & Prawn Dumplings, and Classic Juicy Pork Xiao Long Bao.

Cooking trends

Mr Pang notes the increasing trend of people venturing into cooking, “even” if it’s a five-ingredient recipe they’ve found or just a way to save some money.

Social media, he adds, plays a major role in influencing consumer habits.

“How people shop and cook is now influenced by the millions of quick and easy TikTok recipes out there,” he says. “I’ve noticed a lot more people giving these recipes a go.”

Along with convenience as a “priority”, Mr Pang points to the trend towards education around food origins, which has made freshness and quality produce “big factors” when people shop for food.

Read more from Mr Pang, including tips for your shelves and tips for home, in the September issue of Retail World.

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