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The bevs without alcohol movement taking over Dry July

Alcohol sales are on the decline, as Aussies attempt to make a turn-around after over-indulging in the alcoholic beverages through isolation.

East Forged – Tania & Kym anime

A healthier option that they are turning to includes that of the new nitrogen-infused, cold-brew tea range from East Forged.

“May and June have been two of our best months since launching earlier this year, and we’re expecting customer demand to continue well into the coming months as restrictions loosen and life returns to a new kind of normal,” says Melbourne tea expert and co-owner of East Forged, Tania Stacey.

Despite earlier reports that Aussies were drinking more in isolation, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data shows the vast majority (85.6%) of Australians are drinking responsibly, with 30% abstaining or not consuming alcohol and 10% drinking less. Only 14% reported their drinking had increased.

“Like yoga and meditation, the ‘mindful drinking’ movement has been around for a few years, but it’s really gathered momentum in recent months. Our customers tell us they’re deliberately choosing to limit their alcohol intake and looking forward to a month or longer off the booze entirely,” explains Ms Stacey.

Merging two of the oldest beverage processed by combining premium loose-leaf tea with an injection of Nitrogen bubbles, the three ground-breaking East Forged brews are available in black, green or white tea infused with exotic and rare fruits (Yuzu, Pitaya and Calamansi).

The end result is a cold tea-based drink with a crisp, dry flavour and a beer-like appearance and texture – minus the alcohol and bloating.

Ms Stacey says, “While there are lots of non-alcoholic options available, ours is the only beer-like alternative on the market that’s low in sugar and calories. Aside from the delicate and sophisticated flavour profiles, it’s these added health benefits that our fans are enjoying most and getting excited about.”

The three new East Forged brews come in a 15-can case or three-pack taster and are available online or from selected breweries, cafes and grocery retailers across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

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