Sunday, April 14, 2024

The end of paper receipts… is it near?

It’s pretty common to hear someone say ‘hold onto your receipts’, which is of course very helpful, too! However, how easy is it to actually hold onto your receipts?

This is one of the main issues that arise with paper receipts.

Another issue is that physical receipts have an environmental impact, as a vast amount of trees and water are used in the production process of billions of receipts each year.

Additionally, majority of thermal paper-based receipts almost always contain toxic chemicals BPA or BPS, which are linked to a variety of diseases.

According to CEO at ETRONIKA, Arnoldas Jankunas , e-receipts can help eliminate most of the environmental problems and are always available when needed.

“Digital receipts are the perfect solution for the problems consumers face today,” says Mr Jankunas.

“They work really simply: upon paying for a product or a service, an e-receipt is sent to the payer’s bank account, without any harm done to the environment.

“In case a person needs to return or exchange a product, there will no longer be any need to find a paper receipt.”

CEO of ReceiptHero, Joel Ojala says, “ETRONIKA has built a truly modern retail chain management and POS product and we are thrilled to be partnering on a wider partnership that allows us the initial steps of building out the Baltic ecosystem.

“We have already started negotiating with different bank partners to expand the functionality of banking systems and include our e-receipt solution. From the feedback we have gathered so far, I can tell that digital receipts will soon become the new normal as the interest is immense.”

Visit the ETRONIKA or ReceiptHero websites to learn more information.

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