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The lowdown on cold brew coffee

If you’re part of the world where winter is well and truly over, and the sun is already beginning to beam – you may also be part of the world that’s favouring a cold brew coffee over a piping hot cup.

Recent research shows that cold brew coffee category will grow 25.1% globally by 2025.

Why is it so popular though? Asks the team at Califia Farms.

The origin of cold brew  

The earliest record of cold brew, says Califia Farms is credited to the Dutch in the 17th century. Sailors preserved coffee concentrate as it would require less space on ships and keep during long voyages overseas.

In the mid-19th century after the Algerian War, the French created Mazagran, a drink named after the Algerian city, made of sweetened coffee concentrate and mixed with cold water over ice.

It’s no iced coffee

Califia Farms say that pouring hot coffee over ice or using cool water changes the characteristics of coffee vastly and often creates a stale taste of oxidation.

In contrast a cold brew coffee is much richer in nature compared to even a well-made coffee.

Health benefits

Nutritionist, author and wellness speaker from Sydney City Nutritionist and Food Intolerance Australia, Jennifer May says, “Cold brewing maintains the antioxidants of the coffee bean. Antioxidants are important during and after alcohol consumption as they help and prevent cellular damage, and they also help prevent disease and illness.

“Califia Farms offers a delicious cold brew range blended with nut milks for added antioxidants, nutrients, healthy fats and protein.”

Califia Farms provides a range of ready-to-drink plant-milk cold brew coffees available at selected major supermarkets and independents nationally in Australia.

Products include:

XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee (750ml)

Mocha Noir Cold Brew Coffee (310ml)

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