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The rise of the Aussie food snob

Australia is becoming a country of increasingly discerning tastes, with 43% of Australians falling into ‘food snob’ categories, according to a survey.

The survey, conducted by New Zealand’s Westgold Butter found:

  • Half of us say that we’re willing to pay more for better / more premium quality brands of grocery items than our grandparents were.
  • One third of us like to eat foods that are on trend, and also like to keep one step ahead of our peers when it comes to food trends.
  • We also are more likely to want to show off our foodiness, becoming more conscious about being seen by others to consume food and grocery brands that are more premium.
  • Nearly one third of us think that buying better food brands shows others that we are successful.
  • One quarter of us regularly share our better food creations on social media.

Hamish Yates, Westgold’s GM Marketing and Sales, says most of us believe that we eat better than we have in the past.

“We increasingly seek better, more premium food and grocery brands and half of us are always looking for new foodie ideas and recipes,” he says.

What foodie are you?

The survey identified four major foodie groups

Snob Rejoicers

Representing 13% of us, this group identify as snobs and are proud of it. Most see nothing negative about food elitism, and are proud to call themselves food snobs. This group can be found all over Australia. There is no skew to Melbourne, Sydney or any other part of the country.

Snob Deniers

Representing one-third of us, this group looks like a snob, sounds like a snob, walks like a snob but wouldn’t dream of calling themselves one. Snob Deniers are young, urban and creative.

Moving on Up

Representing another one-third of us, this group are eating better than previous generations, aspiring to eat even more premium food – but aren’t yet exhibiting enough snobbish behaviour to be classified as food snobs.

Old Schoolers

One-fifth of us, this group is fine with the stuff their grandparents ate, thanks very much. This is an older segment, with half aged over 60. They couldn’t care less what others think of them: they enjoy life on their terms, and buy and eat what they like.

New Zealand’s most awarded butter

Westgold Butter is owned by Westland Milk Products, a dairy company based on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island that has been making butter since 1893 and exports to over forty countries.

In 2021, Westgold was crowned the most awarded butter in New Zealand.

Westgold Butter is available at all Woolworths stores.

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