Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The top comfort foods being ordered from Uber Eats

Uber Eats is reporting that Australians are not turning to greasy and sweet comfort foods during this time of self-isolation, as some may assume.

Searches in categories such as breakfast and brunch are very high, up nearly 100% from the same time last year, and the early morning hunger pain is stronger in the suburbs than in the city surrounds.

Throughout the lockdown, results have shown that searches for ‘vegan’ are down, while ‘comfort food’ and ‘dessert’ have broken through into the top searches.

Since social distancing began, families have been turning to their takeaway treats earlier than before the pandemic. With the work-home commute no longer delaying meals, Australians are moving towards earlier dining times – more concentrated towards 6pm than before the pandemic, which witness more dining spread across the evening towards 8pm.

Melbourne’s most popular meal from independent restaurants is the Halal Snack Pack, a trend mirrored by the Gold Coast, Geelong and Canberra. Brisbane locals are choosing butter chicken, and Sydney residents are turning to Pad Thai. Hobart however, steers towards healthier search items.

Additionally, Uber reports Australians relying on the convenience offering with orders for everyday essentials such as bread, eggs, milk and toilet paper, up more than 60% in the last couple of months.

Caltex’s Star Mart Full Cream Milk is the most ordered everyday essential in Victoria and South Australia; a trend that is mirrored with BP’s Whole Milk, being the most popular everyday item in NSW, Queensland and WA.

The new restaurant tipping feature was only introduced in April, but already more than 17,000 restaurant partners have received a tip.

Uber Eats has matched these tips dollar for dollar, turning $1 million of eater tips into $2 million payment for restaurants in the first few weeks since the program went live.

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