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The widening world of wellness

With the pandemic causing disruptions across many FMCG sectors, one category that customers have turned to, looking to improve their wellbeing, is health and beauty.

Retail World takes a look inside medicine and beauty cupboards to learn about the latest trends impacting the category and to find out what the coming months have in store.

Branch to bottle pride

Wellgrove is the “wellness arm” of what is claimed to be Australia’s largest olive grower, Boundary Bend Limited, says General Manager Wellness Sarah Gray.

According to Ms Gray, trends that “seem to be dominating at the moment” include plant-based products, sustainability and traceability or “knowing where the product comes from”.

“Wellgrove products are fully traceable from branch to bottle, and we have a fully transparent production and supply chain,” she said. “We pride ourselves on developing consistently high-quality products.”

Ms Gray predicts the rise of natural, plant-based products will continue, and sustainability will play “a huge role in consumer decision-making processes”. She says this makes Wellgrove a perfect player in the space with its “diverse range of high-quality, natural products that have specific benefits for overall health and wellness”.

She adds that Wellgrove products “give consumers options to support their health and wellness naturally”.

Achieving health organically

Ceres Organics co-founder and Chair Noel Josephson says the company has continued to attract strong growth in the Australian market because “organic food plays a big role in the better-for-you space”.

“Before the pandemic we were seeing a shift [towards] consumers looking for more sustainable and healthier products,” Mr Josephson said. “The pandemic had encouraged this shift as consumers became more aware of their health and how much the environment … can impact on them and their family’s health.”

“Ceres Organics has been committed to organic food for nearly 40 years, making the connection between organic food and our wellbeing long before it was the trendy thing to do. Not only are we committed to organics for people’s wellbeing, but we intrinsically believe in organics to heal the world as well. As a show of commitment, we continue to develop and source organic foods from around the world, so that our consumers can have as much choice as possible to fulfil their dietary needs with organic options.”

Read the health and beauty feature in the latest Retail World April issue.

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