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Top 100 manufacturers in Australia

Australia’s leading manufacturers for 2020 has been announced with the release of Advanced Manufacturing Expo’s Top 100 Manufacturers in Australia.

Caltex Australia is number one on the list, for the second year in a row.

The following manufacturers placed:

  • Fonterra Co-Op Group – 2nd
  • BP Australia – 3rd
  • Perth Mint – 4th
  • Viva Energy – 5th

Australia’s $413.9 billion manufacturing industry has passed the midway point of forecasted 0.5% growth period by 2022, with the industry made up of almost 104,000 businesses and employing over 964,000 Australians.

“The Top 100 Manufacturers for 2020 have experienced strong revenue growth in comparison to previous years, namely due to the restructuring of business processes to incorporate automation and an increased focus on boosting productivity,” says Enterprise Researcher at IBISWorld Australia, Aaron Vaserman.

Surprise trend for coal and petroleum manufacturers

Despite global challenges in recent times, this year’s list of the Top 100 Manufacturers also reveals an interesting and outlying trend for Australia’s Petroleum and Coal Product manufacturers and Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Fuel manufacturers.

“Contrastingly, the expected decline of the world price of crude oil over the past year appears to have had limited impact on Australia’s large petroleum refiners and producers, who have performed strongly over the past year,” says Mr Vaserman.

Future predictions

In forecasting where changes to Australia to Australia’s leading manufacturers may occur over the next 12 months, Mr Vaserman labels the increasing focus on high-tech and advanced manufacturing would create opportunities and currency depreciation as encouraging future growth.

Exhibition Director of Advanced Manufacturing Expo, Jono Whyman explains, “Numerous factors shape manufacturers’ ability to be successful, however, adopting advanced manufacturing production processes, such as investing in automation or high-tech solutions, is continuing to pay dividends for Australia’s leading manufacturers.

“Therefore, it is fitting that Advanced Manufacturing Expo is being launched in 2020, with the expo’s express objective being to provide manufacturing an industrial professional with an evolution and productivity focused forum, which supports them in maintaining this crucial competitive advantage over international competitors.

The compilation of the Top 100 Manufacturers in Australia is based on data gathered by IBISWorld.

To register for the Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2020, click here.

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