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TWENTYFIVEFOUR coffee start-up brewing things differently

Australian veteran owned coffee start up TWENTYFIVEFOUR has introduced its range of ‘Gunfire’ coffee in time for Anzac Day, headlined by its cold-pressed, ready to drink cans that pay homage to Aussie Troopers past, present and future.

The launch range consists of two blends, Gunfire Traditional and Gunfire Reviver, inspired by the Anzac tradition of drinking tea or coffee laced with rum, a ‘gunfire’, often the last comfort troops enjoyed before entering battle, and a drink used to toast lost comrades before dawn on 25 April. In addition to the tasty cold-pressed brews within the Gunfire range, there are also single origin beans perfect for the at-home coffee connoisseur.

All products in the Gunfire range are natural, non-alcoholic, with no added sugar or preservatives, and are infused with the flavours and aromas of rum (Traditional) or whisky (Reviver) from the barrels in which the coffee beans are aged before roasting.

“With 13 of the founding team veterans, we had a vision to honour the significance of ANZACs past, present and future, by creating a product that both modernised the coffee drinking experience, while paying homage to our veterans and the important role coffee has played in the history of our armed forces,” says former Australian Navy Clearance Diver and TWENTYFIVEFOUR founder Kyle Arnold.

Using a proprietary cold-pressed method, the ready to drink Gunfire beverages are a refreshing, smooth, and nitro-infused coffee free from sugar and diary.

For coffee traditionalists who enjoy the robust taste of a freshly brewed cup, TWENTYFIVEFOUR’s whole beans boast a full body flavour perfect for espressos, long blacks or, used in a filter.

All TWENTYFIVEFOUR coffee is sustainably sourced from a family farm in Colombia and infused in aged rum or whiskey barrels before being brought back to Queensland where they’re expertly roasted, cold-pressed and brewed to perfection.

The name TWENTYFIVEFOUR was, according to Mr Arnold, inspired by the date of Anzac Day 25 April (25.4) paying homage to past, present, and future service men and women.

“As a brand, we not only wanted to brew high-quality and delicious coffee products, but also operate in a way that would inspire conversation about the role of our veterans and the challenges they face as they return to life after service,” explains Mr Arnold.

“We know first-hand the struggles returning service personnel face, which is why our brand is not just about good product, but also a force for good in supporting Aussie veterans, whether through donations or considered partnerships with the organisations that take care of our Troops,” he says.

The Gunfire launch range includes:

  • Gunfire ‘Traditional’ Cold-Pressed Coffee 250mL (12 pack for $59.95).
  • Gunfire ‘Reviver’ Cold-Pressed Coffee 250mL (12 pack for $59.95).
  • Gunfire ‘Traditional’ Single Origin Beans (200g for $23.95).
  • Gunfire ‘Reviver’ Single Origin Beans (200g for $23.95)

For more information on stockists or to purchase TWENTYFIVEFOUR, visit

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