Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Ugly Lemon launches 100% frozen lemon juice cubes

Founder Andrew Gordon was tired of squeezing lemons every day to stay healthy and hydrated and launched Ugly Lemon. Ugly Lemon uses 100% imperfect lemons, a sustainable solution for unwanted fruit.

“Drinking warm lemon juice water every morning is a great way to kick start your day”, says Mr Gordon.

Ugly Lemon offers 100% Frozen Lemon Juice Cubes, taking away the inconvenience of buying, squeezing and freezing lemons daily.

“Like most blokes, I don’t drink enough water. I was too busy [and lazy] to squeeze lemons every day so having them in the freezer ready to mix with warm water takes away my excuses”, he said.

With so much food waste in the industry, Ugly Lemon uses imperfect lemons to produce 100% Australian juice. Each pack is fully bio-degradable and includes 14 cubes, enough for two weeks supply.

“Every Lemon deserves to be squeezed; its what’s on the inside that counts”, Mr Gordon said. “After a couple of weeks drinking the juice, I started to feel great.  It also beats going straight to coffee.”

Two large independent retailers have expressed an interest in the product, and Mr Gordon anticipates the product will be in stores by early 2023.

For more information, visit uglylemon.com.au or contact Andrew Gordon on 0408 845 101 or andrew@uglylemon.com.au.

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