Tuesday, June 18, 2024

v2food reveals new colour system for plant-based meats

v2food unveiled its new colour system for plant-based meats at Sydney’s South by Southwest (SXSW) last week.

The technology, known as RepliHue, changes the colour of plant-based meats through the cooking process, said to be “mimicking” animal meat and creating the “next generation” of ‘bleeding’ plant-based proteins.

While most plant-based proteins often remain the same colour prior to and following being cooked, says v2food, RepliHue changes colour at the same time and temperature as animal meat does.

RepliHue is a natural ingredient derived from red algae and plants. The algae are said to be sustainably produced, consuming carbon dioxide and using light for energy.

As the official plant-based food partner, v2food revealed the breakthrough technology at SXSW, an expo spotlighting innovation in technology. Audience members were able to see the cooking process and taste samples of the product, presented by chefs Miguel Maestre and Neil Perry.

“We’re thrilled to be unveiling the latest game-changing technology in the plant-based protein market,” says v2food CEO Tim York. “RepliHue is the next generation of meat alternatives, that incorporates multiple advancements in texture, flavour and colour…

“Our red algae are a breakthrough, natural solution that has been developed to create this highly desirable attribute that will play a major role in fighting climate change.”

v2food has developed RepliHue solutions for beef, pork and chicken under the RepliTech science and technology platform and is hoping to commence retail distribution in 2024. The technology co-invention and development of RepliHue has been conducted along with CSIRO, UTS C3 Facility, and Lgem.

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