Tuesday, June 18, 2024

WA to ban single-use plastic promotional film

Western Australia will become the first Australian state to ban single-use plastic promotional film in outdoor settings.

Coming into effect from March 2024, the ban will apply to material used for promotional purposes such as retail signage.

“It only relates to the purchase or use of the material outdoors for less than 48 hours, which is harmful to the environment when it is not disposed of correctly,” reads a statement.

“Safety bunting like police tape or long-term signage is not included in the ban, as well as the indoor use of plastic promotional film.”

WA’s Environment Minister Reece Whitby says he’s proud the state continues to lead the way in tackling plastic waste.

“We want to ensure WA sets the benchmark in encouraging environmentally friendly alternatives,” he says.

“This is the next step in our journey to become a more sustainable state. It’s about creating positive behavioural changes that together make a big difference.”

The regulations are yet to be finalised. The state government says it will continue to use a “common-sense, education-first approach” to enforce the bans.

“Retailers and suppliers not making any plans or effort to transition and deliberately continuing to supply banned items could face fines up to $5000 for an individual or up to $25,000 for a body corporate,” says the government.

The latest ban is part of WA’s “nation-leading” Plan for Plastics which has phased out 18 items, saving more than 1.1 million single-use plastics from landfill or litter across the state each year.

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