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What to expect from the Sustainable Foods Summit

Hosted in Singapore on 30-31 March 2020, the Sustainable Foods Summit will feature ethical sourcing, sustainable ingredients and marketing developments.

South-East Asia, a biodiversity hotspot, has lost about 15% of its forests in 15 years according to researchers.

By highlighting success stories, the 3rd Asia-Pacific summit aims to encourage ethical sourcing and sustainable food production.

Key topics that will be covered include:

Sustainable foods and biodiversity. Various studies show that organic and sustainable cultivation methods encourage biodiversity in ecosystems.

The IBIS rice project is one example. Over 1000 rice farmer families are benefiting, whilst protecting 500,000 hectares of forest and wetlands that are home to 50 endangered wildlife, including the IBIS bird.

CEO of IBIS Rice, Nick Spencer will give an update on the project.

Ethical sourcing of ingredients. A growing number of food and ingredient firms are undertaking ethical sourcing projects in Asia.

Givaudan, the world’s largest flavours and fragrances firm, will share its experiences in setting up such projects.

Puifung Leung from Fairtrade Hong Kong will highlight the impact ethical sourcing can have on producers.

Sustainability of seafood. Sustainability issues such as overfishing, traceability and authenticity in regard to seafood will be discussed.

Anne Gabriel will highlight the importance of certified fisheries.

Plant-based foods potential. Trang Dang from the Humane Society International will give an update on recent developments.

Innovating with sustainable ingredients. The Singaporean company Doki Doki has created a novel line of superfood juices. Alex Goh, Co-Founder will explain how the company is sourcing locally produced ingredients direct from farmers.

Organic food market outlook. Niki Ford from Australian Organic will give an overview of organic trade in the Asia-Pacific region.

Retailing sustainable foods. Set up in Dubai, Farmchimp supplies traceable sustainable foods. PC Kabeer, Founder and CEO, will explain how its customers can get information on sustainable farming practices and the origins using QR code on its products.

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