Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Women increasingly exposed to brands and inspiring looks online

Women under the age of 30 have a comparatively higher interest in beauty products, enjoy shopping for them and spend more on an average shop on most categories than older women do, according to a new report.

The ‘emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) Cosmetics and Toiletries Insights Report’ explores this fragmenting market, the attitudes of Australian women towards beauty and grooming products, and the sources they trust to discover and make their brand choices.

It reveals the proliferation of social media, beauty bloggers and YouTube stars has given Australian women more exposure to brands and inspiring looks than ever before, despite the cosmetics and toiletries market remaining dominated by global mega brands.

“Australian women are increasingly informed and sophisticated in their cosmetics and toiletries purchases,” Ipsos MediaCT Managing Director Simon Wake said. “They expect their choices to reflect who they are as individuals, making it essential for brands to understand and speak effectively to their target market.”

The report found traditional information sources – including magazines and advice from in-store personnel – remain important to young and older women alike. The way in which younger women embrace social media and style influencers, however, looks set to become mainstream as this consumer group matures.

Better-informed consumers are more discriminating and are responding to the explosion of brand choice.

“In a highly fragmented market, beauty and grooming brands need to speak clearly to their target audience – both in their positioning and communications channels,” Mr Wake said.

“emma data will continue to track this dynamic sector, providing marketers with current and personal insights on what drives Australian women’s consideration of cosmetics and toiletries.”

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