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Woolworths Group’s countdown to Christmas

As the countdown to Christmas begins, Woolworths Group reveals its great value products across Woolworths Supermarkets and BIG W that Australians will be enjoying this year.

Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Natalie Davis says: “Food is at the heart of many Christmas celebrations and as today’s Fresh Food People we’re focused on every opportunity to help our customers spend less on their festive menus this year.

“A number of our most popular foods for the season have been reduced in price, including our award-winning Mountain Ash smoked half leg ham, which at $8 per kilo is the lowest price we’ve had for the Christmas table in nine years.

“Pork roasts are also incredibly popular and one of our best value cuts, and through the Prices Dropped for Christmas program, we’ve reduced the price of our pork loin roast to $12 per kilo.

“For those looking for another great value protein option, we’ve also dropped the price of our lamb leg roast to $8 per kilo, along with 20 per cent off all our standard lamb cuts.

“It wouldn’t be an Aussie Christmas without seafood, and prawns continue to be a bestseller. We expect to sell 890 tonnes of Aussie prawns in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

“For those planning ahead, we have a great offer on frozen Australian Karumba Banana Prawns, which have been dropped to $20 per kilo, and we encourage customers to keep an eye out for more seafood specials as we get closer to the big day.

“Between our thousands of weekly specials, Prices Dropped and Low Price Program, there are many ways for our customers to spend less this year. Don’t forget to scan your rewards card for even more value!”

Woolworths fun facts

  • In the lead up to Christmas, meat will be the centrepiece of most people’s festive spreads and Woolworths expects to sell:
    • One million portions of ham in the lead up to Christmas
    • 74,000 fresh whole turkeys in the week before Christmas and 200,000 frozen turkeys in the two weeks leading up to Christmas
    • 400,000 kilos of fresh whole chicken during Christmas week
    • 500,000 kilos of lamb leg roast in the two weeks before Christmas
    • 1.5 million kilos of pork roasts throughout December.
  • Seafood is also a customer favourite for Christmas:
    • Woolworths expects to sell 890,000 kilos of prawns in the lead up to Christmas – with 80 per cent of fresh prawns sales taking place on 24th and 25th December
    • Christmas week is the biggest week for lobster sales at Woolworths’ and this year, Woolworths expects to sell around 100,000 cooked Rock Lobsters that week. Its Rock Lobsters are grown in Western Australia.
  • Festive fruits and veg:
    • The Australian cherry season only runs for 100 days and Woolworths expects to sell 2.8 million kilos of cherries this year, with Christmas week alone representing 30% of cherry sales for the whole season.
    • Mangoes are “a must” for Christmas and we typically sell more than 5.8 million mangoes in the two weeks of Christmas. The most popular varieties are Kensington Pride, Calypso, R2E2 and Honey Gold.
    • Woolworths will sell more than four million bags of 1kg Reindeer Carrots, resulting in $400,000 in donations to WIRES to help feed Australian wildlife.
    • Due to the popularity of the Wombok Crispy Noodle Salad, Wombok cabbage sales spike by 120% during Christmas week compared to the weeks prior – Woolworths anticipates it will sell nearly 90,000 units during the big week.
  • Customers will also turn to Woolies for gifts and festive fare:
    • Woolworths expects to sell more than 18 million boxes of chocolate, and 1.5 million tins of shortbread this season.
    • More than 450,000 Christmas cards are expected to be sold.
    • Woolworths’ popular Christmas Meerkats are a “cult favourite” and this year there are eight designs. This Christmas, Woolworths expects to sell about 40,000 Christmas Meerkats, bringing nearly one million Meerkats from across its range since selling them in 2018.

On the list at BIG W

BIG W Commercial Director Amanda Lunn says: “We know that the holiday season is filled with excitement and joy, and we’re dedicated to making it more affordable for our customers. From decorations to gifts, we have everything to make Christmas special for our customers without breaking the bank and nearly half of our decoration range being $5 and under.

“We know our customers love to come to us for affordable gift ideas for the entire family.

“In the two weeks leading up to Christmas, we’re making wishes come true with over one million Hot Wheels Diecast Cars being sold – this equates to 38 kilometres if the cars were lined up, side by side. Or put another way, it’s just 4km shy of a marathon!

“Barbie is always popular with kids and we expect to sell 100,000 Barbie Dolls this year.”

“In Australia we know that customers love to celebrate Christmas Day with a splash so our customers will float away with 128,000 pool toys – helping to make every Christmas celebration a poolside party.”

“Going back to the foundation of many Christmas presents this year, we’re expected to sell 10,000 kilometres of Christmas wrapping paper. To put that in perspective, it’s equivalent to the distance from Sydney to Perth and back.

“Finally, we can’t forget the centrepiece of the season – Christmas trees. We’re anticipating that we’ll sell 118,000 Christmas trees this season. If we were to stack them all up, it would tower three times higher than the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

BIG W fun facts

  • BIG W will sell 20,299 Christmas themed table cloths, runners and placemats which equates to 411 km.
  • In the two weeks leading up to Christmas BIG W expects to sell 1.5 million books, 20,000 bikes and 20,000 scooters.
  • BIG W expects to sell over 622,000 Christmas lights which is 8,374km in length.
  • BIG W will sell 35,000 Pool Noodles in the two weeks before Christmas.

Record members join Everyday Rewards

This year, a record of over 750,000 members joined the Bank for Christmas program with an average of $100 saved.

Everyday Rewards General Manager Glenn Baker says: “We know Christmas can be an expensive time of year for shoppers and Bank for Christmas is a great way for Everyday Rewards members to collect points on their everyday shops, banking the dollars for when they’re needed most.

“Many members have told us that unlocking their Bank for Christmas fund is like unwrapping an early Christmas present. This year we have unlocked the savings earlier than ever, so that shoppers can take advantage of Black Friday sales and other specials Woolworths, BWS, MyDeal and BIG W will be offering in the lead-up to Christmas.

“With members now also able to redeem their Everyday Rewards dollars at MyDeal and the introduction of ‘Member Pricing’ across Woolworths, BIG W and BWS stores, our Everyday Rewards program is delivering even more value.”

Last Christmas, thousands of festive fare products were purchased using Everyday Rewards points banked for Christmas including:

  • 16,000 packs of Christmas bon bons
  • 5200 whole chickens
  • 4700 packets of potatoes
  • 4400 jars of cranberry sauce
  • 2900 turkey roasts.

Among the most popular Christmas gifts purchased with Bank for Christmas dollars by Everyday Rewards members at BIG W, there were more than:

  • 1200 Nintendo Switch Consoles and games purchased including Pokemon and Super Mario
  • 390 Apple iPads, AirPods, iPhones and Watches
  • 62 Barbie Dreamhouses
  • 120 Playstation 5 Consoles
  • 40 Fitbit Versas.

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