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Woolworths healthiest Own Brand five years in a row

Woolworths Food Company Managing Director Guy Brent has responded to the George Institute Study 2023 (part of UNSW Sydney) and says: “As the country’s largest supermarket, we know we have a responsibility to make healthier eating easier for all Australian families.

“We’re proud to be named Australia’s healthiest own brands for the fifth year in a row and while the recognition is welcome, the work to continually invest in quality and health never stops,” Mr Brent said.

“Our food product development supported by our in-house nutritionists work tirelessly to enhance the quality, taste and health of our own brand ranges.

“We’re seeing more and more customers purchase own brand products and feedback shows they are pleasantly surprised by the quality and value the range provides,” he said.

“And in fact, our Macro wholefoods brand is the number one recallable brand Australians think of when it comes to healthy food and has an average Health Star Rating of four stars.

“We know there’s always more to do, that’s why we have rolled out healthier check outs across our supermarkets, more prominent placement of healthier food options and a range of digital initiatives that support customers to make healthier choices when researching or shopping online,” he said.

“Woolworths chooses to display Health Star Ratings on the packaging of own brand products no matter the rating.”

How Woolworths is making healthier easier for customers and the community

Woolworths chooses to display Health Star Rating on the packaging of all of intended own brand products to help customers make informed decisions.

Product reformulation

“Woolworths has a strong focus on making its own brand products healthier by continually reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat, and adding more vegetables and whole grains. “Woolworths continue to work towards the voluntary reformulation targets set by the Government’s Healthy Food Partnership, of which 79% of eligible Woolworths Supermarkets own brand products meet the targets for salt, saturated fat and sugar.

“Last financial year, in Australia Woolworths Food Company removed 540 tonnes of saturated fat, sugar and salt from its products, and added 13 tonnes of whole grains and 727 tonnes of vegetables to its own brand products.

“We also drive engagement with our supplier network through the Woolworths Supermarkets Trade Partner Sustainability Council for Healthier Choices to encourage HSR uptake on-pack, consistent serving sizes, and healthier product development and reformulation.”

Healthier checkouts and end of aisles

Woolworths Supermarkets has now dedicated 80% of the space at its checkouts to healthier choices (≥3.5 HSR) for snacking and drinks, as well as removing kids’ confectionery from checkouts. “We also have integrated healthier choices in areas with high traffic and visibility, such as at the end of aisles.”

Digital tools to help make healthier easier

Food Tracker by Healthylife is a free tool available on the Woolworths and Everyday Rewards apps. Food Tracker provides personalised basket insights to help customers make healthier choices.

Healthier Options is an innovative tool available on select product pages, that makes it easier for customers to identify similar, healthier alternatives when shopping online (based on the Government’s Health Star Rating system).

Dietary and Lifestyle Filters When shopping online or in the Woolworths app, customers can use a variety of filters to help find products suitable for their individual needs and preferences, including Low Sugar, Low Salt, Vegan and Gluten Free. Customers can also filter by Health Star Rating to find healthier choices.

Recipes and inspiration for healthier meals The Woolworths Making Healthier Easier online hub allows customers to explore healthier products and inspiration, and its healthier recipe page has over 600 recipes.

Broader health initiatives

Free Fruit for Kids: Woolworths has given away more than 160 million pieces of fruit through its Free Fruit for Kids program since 2015. Across all Woolworths Supermarkets, kids can pick up a fresh piece of fruit for free, with the aim of helping get more fruit into kids’ diets and establishing healthy eating habits from an early age.

Largest supporter of grassroots sports: Woolworths partners with Cricket Australia, Netball Australia and Surfing Australia as the largest supporter of grassroots sports, connecting to local communities and supporting kids to stay active. Last financial year, Woolworths Community Cricket Fund, in partnership with Cricket Australia, provided 14,000 underprivileged Australian kids with the opportunity to play Woolworths Cricket Blast.

Making healthier more affordable: Woolworths includes healthier choices in seasonal Prices Dropped and Low Price programs, promoting these to inspire more healthier options.

Woolworths Odd Bunch: Woolworths’ Odd Bunch range provides an avenue for imperfect fruit and veg, to save it from going to waste. The range incentivises shoppers to choose less ‘attractive’ produce by offering a discount of at least 20 per cent. Since 2020, 133 million kilograms of fruit and vegetables have been sold through the Odd Bunch range.

Life Ed (Healthy Harold): Woolworths has partnered with Life Ed since 2018. Woolworths’ support of Life Ed includes being the foundation partner of the Life Ed Thrive Children’s Fund, partnering on the annual Australia’s Healthiest Lunch Box competition, and sponsorship of the Junior Primary nutrition modules.

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