Woolworths launches Banana Bread for good

Media Release

January 22, 2020

Overripe bananas, that may otherwise end up as waste, are now being repurposed by Woolworths bakers and used to make delicious banana bread loaves in-store.

The banana bread, sold exclusively in Woolworths, diverts unsold overripe bananas from potential landfill, while also raising vital funds for Australians impacted by food insecurity. 50 cents from every loaf sold will be donated to Woolworths food rescue charity partner, OzHarvest.

To make the banana bread, the bananas are mashed, mixed and baked at Woolworths in-store bakeries into two varieties – original and Cadbury Chocolate Chip.

Woolworths Head of Bakery, Andy Thomas said; “Reducing food waste and keeping surplus food away from landfill is a top priority for all of us at Woolworths.

“We looked at how we could do our part in the bakery department and with the overripe bananas that are unable to be sold.

The banana bread is the latest innovation from Woolworths to support a circular economy. Last year, Woolworths Group launched a limited-edition pale ale beer, ‘Loafer’, using surplus bread.

OzHarvest CEO and Founder, Ronni Kahn AO, said, “A huge volume of food goes to waste unnecessarily every year and finding ways to re-use or redistribute this surplus food underpins everything we do.

“It’s so encouraging to be able to work with Woolworths to create an innovative solution to combat food waste.

“Not only does Woolworths’ banana bread give overripe bananas a new life, a proportion of each sale will also go towards furthering our work in finding new and innovative solutions to combat food waste and eliminating hunger.”

The Woolworths Banana Bread is available in Woolworths stores with in-store bakeries across Australia for $4. For every product sold, 50 cents is donated to OzHarvest, which can help provide a meal for an Australian in need.  Both banana bread loaves have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Source: Woolworths Group.

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