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Woolworths rolls out v2food in 600 stores

v2burger and v2mince on a Woolworths shelf

(Feature image: v2food’s CEO and founder Nick Hazell at the front of Woolworths holding the v2mince and v2burger)

As consumer appetite for plant-based alternatives increase, so will Woolworths’ offering.

Today, v2food will begin rolling out in more than 600 Woolworths stores – making v2mince and v2burgers available in majority of its stores.

“We’re continuing to see growth in the plant-based category, particularly in recent months as customers cook more at home and are looking for variety in their diet,” says Woolworths plant-based category manager, Mauro Pisani.

In 2019, v2food created the Hungry Jack’s Rebel Whopper, and since then the company has created v2burgers and v2mince. Recently, the plant-based options have also launched through Marley Spoon and Dinnerly, as well as QSR outlets such as Soul Burger.

Additionally, in August 2020 v2food products rolled out in 61 Drakes Supermarkets.

v2food launches their products with a retail price of $8.50 for 500g of v2mince and $9.00 for a 4 pack of v2burgers.

v2food founder and CEO, Nick Hazell explains, “With Woolworths ranging v2 in over 600 of their stores, we now have a real chance to show Aussies how good plant-based meat can taste, helping them make food choices that are better for the planet. I am incredibly proud of the scale that v2food has been able to achieve in such a short space of time, which is a testament to the strength of our product.

“This is an exciting milestone for both us, and for Aussie dinners.”

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