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Woolworths and SPC strike fruit deal

SPC Ardmona has announced the signing of a three-year contract to supply deciduous fruit to Woolworths for its private label ‘Woolworths’ brand.

The annual discussions with Woolworths ended positively for SPC, with the agreement seeing the equivalent of nine million cans of fruit supplied to the supermarket giant over the three-year period.

The brand said in a statement that: “The satisfactory conclusion to these discussions on the ‘Woolworths’ brand is wonderful news for the farmers, workers and families of the Goulburn Valley, and reflects the strong business partnership between Woolworths and SPC Ardmona.”

Earlier in the week, Woolworths announced that it would not renew a separate year-to-year arrangement for the supply of ‘Woolworths’ brand tinned tomatoes with SPC. Woolworths instead said that its tomato supply would come from another local provider, which sources its tomatoes from the Murray Valley region in Victoria.


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