Wednesday, June 19, 2024

‘Woolworths Trolley Trends Report’

A new report from Woolworths has provided insights into the supermarket shopping habits of Australian consumers.

In the report, Woolworths indicated that the supermarket is fast becoming Australia’s new village green, with an increased importance among grocery shoppers for traditional, family-centric values, a growing preference for fresh, value for money and a desire for local foods, suppliers and producers.

Some of the key statistics outlined in the report include:

  • One in five people go to a supermarket at least once a week, with Woolworths alone experiencing 18 million visits a week.
  • 44 per cent indicated the local shopping centre is central to community life.
  • 52 per cent of consumers said that buying local food is extremely important to them, while a quarter prefer to buy meat and poultry, bread and grains and seafood and fish from local producers.
  • 72 per cent of shoppers are spending more time reading nutritional labels as compared with three to five years ago, while 52 per cent now buy healthy products in their weekly shop.
  • More than two-thirds indicated extreme concern over inadequate consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables by children today, with a further 60 per cent concerned about kids’ lack of healthy food knowledge.
  • Buying groceries based on weekly specials (58 per cent), writing shopping lists (52 per cent), bulk buying discounted non-perishables (53 per cent) and purchasing goods in bulk (51 per cent) are the key ways people are saving money at the check-out.

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