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Workplace Health & Safety Show 2022 program announced

The return of the Workplace Health & Safety Show 2022 will see industry leaders, innovators and pioneers come together to present a series of live, interactive two-way learning experiences covering the latest in trends and technologies faced by Australian businesses today.

Taking place from 20-21 September at Sydney Showgrounds, this year’s comprehensive seminars and forums cover topics including innovation, technology, major hazards, wellbeing, mental health, and injury prevention.

Australia’s leading workplace health and safety event promises thought-provoking discussions and interactive forums on all the hot topics, and offers a chance to connect, collaborate and innovate with safety colleagues from all corners of industry.

“We are immensely excited to create a personalised, collaborative space for professionals to hear and speak with industry leaders on how best to foster safe and healthy work environments,” says IEC Group Australia CEO Marie Kinsella.

The Free Education program is divided into two areas: the Knowledge Centre and the Spotlight Stage.

Day 1 – Tuesday, 20 September

Knowledge Centre

Our Contemporary Regulatory Approach (9.30 – 10.15am)
Speaker: Sarina Wise, Director, WHS Metro, SafeWork NSW

SafeWork NSW will provide an overview of how the NSW Regulator is applying a contemporary compliance framework to tackle long standing WHS risks across NSW. With a strong focus on how we use the data and intelligence to appropriately target risk across multiple diverse industries.

We’ll explore how these contemporary regulatory approaches are being applied across new industries. Including the recent work done in NSW focussed on the GIG economy with food delivery riders. This will also extend to how the Regulator has had to shift their operating model to align with post-Pandemic ways of working, including the increased use of Labour Hire workers.

9 pitfalls that can cause your WHS software implementation to fail (and how to succeed) (10.45 – 11.30am)
Speaker: Manuel Seidel, CEO, Ecoportal

This discussion will establish how technology has the potential to transform the way your organisation does and sees safety, and that several factors play into whether you succeed or fail at realising positive change.

Promoting workplace safety for young employees (12.00 – 12.45pm)
Speaker: Jahin Tanvir, 2022 Young Australian of the Year Finalist, Youth Advocate

A pertinent topic delving into how employers can better engage young people and ensure their wellbeing and health is at the forefront of discussions. Particularly with mental health being a substantial issue for young people, this high energy and interactive presentation will explore five ways in which workplaces can adapt and manage for young employees and create a safe and sustainable working culture.

The psychological stresses of prosecutions and how to manage them (1.15 – 2.00pm)
Speaker: Alan Girle, Special Counsel, Macpherson Kelley

In this presentation, Alan Girle of Macpherson Kelley looks at the various stressors in the post incident environment and offers techniques for managing and minimising those stressors. He also describes various situations these stressors frequently manifest from.

Forklift Safety Week (2.30 – 3.15pm)
Craig Williams, Clark Equipment, Mike Croxford, Crown and Todd Brennan, Forkpro Australia

This panel will speak at length on three key topics: standard updates, operational safety and fork truck licensing requirements. This panel will also be open to a Q&A session where attendees will be invited to an onsite demonstration of equipment and Australian Standard safety features at the AFITA Stand.

The missing links in Wellbeing (3.45 – 4.30pm)
Speaker: Carli Phillips BHSc, MBA, Mental Health First Aider

This discussion offers a simple, easy to follow wellbeing checklist, Tips to make your program super-efficient, even if you are double or triple hatting, and an Action plan with ideas for a Wellbeing calendar to ensure a mentally healthy workplace.

Spotlight Centre

Making Your Business Compliant with Technology (10.10 – 10.40am)
Speaker: Corey Burford, Managing Director, Skytrust

This presentation will look at the benefits of moving away from paper and spreadsheets and transforming into a digital world and provide some tips and tricks to look for when considering any single system for all your compliance needs.

Using Wearable Technology to Reduce Injury Risk and Improve RTW (10.50 – 11.10pm)
Speaker: Scott Coleman, Managing Director, Preventure

An insightful look into how Wearable technology has become a core element in the injury prevention and rehabilitation process for professional sports bodies. This is due to the accurate and valid information provided by the wearable technology.

The Safety Engagement BluePrint – Developing the Executive Safety Mindset (12:10 – 12:40pm)
Speakers: Michael Martin, Managing Director, Proven Safety Solutions

This decade has highlighted the importance of the right “fit” and the impact of psychological safety in the workplace. Psychosocial risks include increased costs due to absence from work, turnover, reduced product or service quality, recruitment and training, workplace investigations and litigation, as well as damage to personal and organisation’s reputation. This session will discuss the essential considerations for engaging key leaders in a way that will develop the Executive Safety Mindset to meet the needs of our time.

Changes to height safety management; a new holistic approach (12.50 – 1.20pm)
Speaker: Scott Barber, CEO, WAHA

An in-depth analysis of improving worker engagement and managing risks through fall protection measures, training and environment-specific solutions.

WMSD Risk Analysis – A Data Driven Approach (1.30 – 2.15pm)
Speaker: David Bick, Director of Professional Services, Joint Action Solutions

A presentation on how we can now make data driven decisions by doing automated manual task risk assessments using wearable sensors which produce instant and relevant reporting to target the key hazards.

Rethinking your workplace mental health strategy (2.25 – 2.45pm)
Speaker: Libby Roberts, CEO, WRM

This talk will demystify some of the strategies out there and help you understand how to get the biggest ROI on your WHS budget.

AIH – Bridging the Gap Between Business and Healthcare (3.00 – 3.20pm)
Speaker: Ashley Treyvaud, CEO, Advanced Industry Health

Join us for an interactive presentation where I will share with you simple yet effective practices that reduce the spread of airborne viruses, air purification, rapid antigen tests and simple ways to ensure you receive the ATO’s fringe benefit tax exemptions.

Brief introduction to skin cancers – what do you have to look out for or when do I need to see someone? (3:30 – 3:50pm)
Speaker: Dr Niyati Sharma, Dermatologist & Chief Medical Officer, MoleMap

This will be brief introduction to a number of different types of skin cancers and what to look out for and what to do if you see a spot you are worried about?

Day 2 – Wednesday, 21 September

Knowledge Centre

Early intervention: Why it’s critical to get it right (9.30 – 10.15am)
Speaker: James Murray, Founder and Managing Director, Work Healthy Australia

In this presentation, James will take you through what ‘early intervention’ really means, what best practice looks like, and how important it is to get it right. Only then, can the rest flow beautifully.

Code of Practice – Managing Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace – Where to Next? (10.45 – 11.30pm)
Speaker: Ian Firth, State Inspector, SafeWork NSW

This presentation will talk about practicable ideas about how you can implement the COP and the things we are finding business needs to be considering and working on:

  • How to use data?
  • The HR/WHS roles in managing risks of psychosocial hazards.
  • Job design – roles
  • Investigation.

Technology, it’s power & failure in making safe workplaces (12.00 – 12.45pm)
Speaker: Mark Heaysman, CEO Founder, Longitude6 Pty Ltd

This presentation will brutally expose the failures, falsehoods, and pitfalls with technology in the workplace. It will also show the power, what can be achieved and how to optimise your investments and commitment to technologies in the workplace. Removing the sales spin, exaggerated claims of mystical injury reductions in using technologies is important, but so is know what can be achieved.

When leaders get it right – a story of winning the manager lottery
Speaker: Steph Thompson, Workplace Engagement Manager, Black Dog Institute

When it comes to having a positive experience of mental distress in the workplace, it almost always comes down to how the individual manager of the person experiencing distress handles it. And most of the time, the way the manager handles it is dependent on a number of inconsistent, subjective and personal factors.

It does not have to be this way. There are a number of core capabilities that can be provided to leaders to upskill and ensure that when a team member experiences distress whether it be a work incident or otherwise, managers are clear in what their legal obligations are, what best practice looks like, and how the workplace can be a fundamental tool in recovery.

In this presentation, a story of lived experience will be shared, personally outlining the behaviours that made all the difference in Steph’s recovery, and some key call to actions for workplaces that are wanting to take steps to ensure their leaders share these skills.

Spotlight Centre

Digital Transformation – The Safety Journey (10.00 – 10.30am)
Speaker: Mary Nizamis, Skytrust; Ann Tomlinson, Alium Works & Dave Cooper-Smith, Schneider Electric

This interactive session will explore the lifecycle of business on the journey from paper to digital. A panel of experts will provide insights into their experiences and the benefits on making this transition whether in small business or at a Corporate level. The panel will also discuss the importance of compliance for business and how to achieve this.

Navigating the Psychological Safety Climate (10:40 – 11:00am)
Speakers: Caz Parish, Partnerships & Engagement Director, OzHelp

Australian WHS Regulators have commenced significant work in providing information and tools for organisations to assist with managing Psychological Safety. Many Australian workplaces however are overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Having an embedded and planned approach to workplace health and wellbeing will go a long way to control psychosocial risks and aid in building a positive workplace culture. During this talk Caz will give practical guidance on how to navigate the noisy landscape that is psychological safety. She will break down the approach into four key areas of action to simplify and manage psychological safety in the workplace.

Forklift Safety Week (11.10 – 11.40am)
Speakers: Craig Williams, Clark Equipment, Mark Barwick, Cascade Australia

This panel will speak at length on three key topics: truck types, operational safety and Fork Truck Attachments. This panel will also be open to a Q&A session where attendees will be invited to an onsite demonstration of equipment and Australian Standard safety features at the AFITA Stand.

Reality of a Tragedy (11.50am – 12.20pm)
Speaker: Patrizia Cassaniti, Director, Let’s Talk about Safety

Patrizia shares the crucial lessons everyone in construction, manufacturing and engineering need to hear to shift out complacency and create a safe working environment for themselves and all their work mates. Her devastating story is of a tragedy that was never an accident, but an incident waiting to happen, all because of complacency that took her 18-year-old son’s life.

Leveraging Data to Predict Injury & Work Smarter (1.00 – 1.20pm)
Speaker: Zac Lowth, GM Operations, Staunch Technology & JobFit Systems International

This talk demonstrates the customer value of capturing and then leveraging job task and worker functional analysis data to move from a reactive model of managing injuries to a predictive model of injury prevention that is fuelled by data insights, allowing you to work smarter.

Electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) test and monitoring in the workplace (1.30 – 2pm)
Speaker: Cyril Bourke, Director, EMF Safety

A presentation on why industry must remain vigilant to monitor the accumulative EMF values personnel are exposed to as data from medical testing is showing that EMF can and does impact on general wellness of those exposed. This makes testing and monitoring in the workplace a critical task that can often be missed in a standard safety audit.

Beating the Sads: Stress, Anxiety and Burnout in Small Business Owners (2:10 – 2:30pm)
Speaker: Tim O’Brien, Author & CEO ADA Australia

Let’s not forget small business owners and operators – tradies, cafes, salons, repairers – when talking about the challenge of psychological injury. While there are many rewards to “being your own boss”, many in small and family business carry on their shoulders ever-present but invisible scaffolds of stress, tension, accountability, financial strain and overwork placing them at elevated risk of depression, anxiety and other disorders.  This session will examine the impact of external factors on psychosocial risk carried by owner-operators and how a supportive, open and consultative workplace culture provides wellbeing benefits – in a two-way flow – to both management and employees.

What: Workplace Health & Safety Show Sydney 2022
When:  Tuesday 20 September – Wednesday 21 September
Where: Sydney Showground, Olympic Park
Entry: Free, registration required

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