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Workplace risk: asking employees to fulfil Covid cleaning

While many workplaces are thoroughly cleaning their premises properly and professionally – there are still a concerning amount of employees admitting that they’ve been tasked with Covid-19 cleaning themselves.

Research finds that 59% of employees surveyed admit their organisations have asked them, or their colleagues to clean areas of the workplace.

More than half of Aussie workers have been asked by management or think they will be asked when they get back to work.

“Organisations have a responsibility to keep their staff safe and it is extremely important to hire a professional anti-viral cleaning service to undertake the cleaning of the workplace on a regular basis,” says Co-Founder and Director of Cleancorp, Lisa Macqueen.

Interesting stats

Those working in media and entertainment, healthcare and retail industries are more likely to have been tasked with such responsibilities.

More specifically, 73% of those in the media and entertainment industry and 64% in healthcare and retail are taking responsibilities for sanitisation of their workplaces.

For comparison, 46% working in IT, energy and telecommunications services, and 40% in financial and insurance services.

Positively however, the larger the organisation, the more regularly their workplaces are being cleaned.

66% of respondents say their workplace is being cleaned daily.

Despite Safe Work Australia advising workplaces to clean frequently touched surfaces such as counters, door handles, light switches, elevator buttons and taps – at least once daily, 34% admit their workplaces are not cleaning those things often.

“Given the current climate, cutting corners by using untrained staff and failing to enforce appropriate measures in the workplace can have a devastating impact on your organisation, as it not only opens staff up to the risk of contracting Covid-19, but to injury as well,” continues Ms Macqueen.

The findings of this survey is commissioned by Cleancorp.

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