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Zeller fuels innovation in rural communities

Australian fintech Zellar will be providing $10,000 worth of grants annually to regional small businesses, with the goal of equipping them with technology, resources, and funding needed to succeed in a changing economic landscape.

Joshua McNicol, Director of Growth at Zeller, says small businesses are the lifeblood of regional economies, “driving innovation, fostering community, and fuelling growth”.

“But the challenges faced by regional businesses are also distinctly unique – and often a result of factors out of their control such as tourism, traffic, weather, and access to financial services or technology,” he said.

“That’s why we’re committed to enabling business owners with the solutions they need to thrive, whether through facilitating payments, improving their cash flow, or managing their finances. Additionally, through Zeller’s new Regional Small Business Grant, we aim to provide tangible support to regional business owners so they can unleash their full potential and contribute even more to their local communities.”

The announcement of the Zeller Regional Small Business Grant coincides with the premiere of ‘Welcome to Inglewood’, the second short film by Zeller, which delves into the heart of the rural town situated in the Loddon Shire of Victoria. The film sheds light on the ongoing challenges the regional small business owners have confronted over the years, from dwindling foot traffic and faltering infrastructure, to increasingly adverse weather events.

Australia’s rural towns play a vital role in the nation’s economy, contributing approximately 40% of the total economic output and serving as a stabilising force. Inglewood, once a major hub during the mid-19th century gold rush, is among the many rural towns where business owners are adapting their business model to thrive in a more challenging economic environment.

The film captures the Inglewood business community’s remarkable journey of resilience and adaptation in the face of economic turbulence. From traditional brick-and-mortar retailers embracing eCommerce, to those utilising Zeller’s innovative Tap to Pay solution to overcome connectivity issues, the short film and accompanying story showcase the indomitable spirit of Inglewood’s small business leaders, steadfast in their mission to preserve the town’s unique charm and vitality.

Wendy Murphy, Loddon Shire Councillor for the Inglewood Ward says Zeller’s film has enabled the business owners of Inglewood to share their genuine, heartfelt stories.

“The film beautifully captures the essence of our small business community, illustrating their generosity, resilience, and unwavering dedication to our community. It underscores the profound impact that small businesses have on the fabric of Australian society, portraying a narrative of not just commerce, but of family, community, and loyalty,” she said.

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