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A new Aussie health drink with yerba, mate

A new carbonated health drink, MatēCo2, has launched across Australia. The tea brings the benefits and “unique taste” of the ancient South American herb yerba mate to the Australian market, the company says, and is already “wildly popular” in Europe.

MatēCo2 founder Vivien Gerber (right) developed an Aussie version after moving here from Germany and discovering there was nothing similar.

“I used to drink it every day in Germany,” Ms Gerber said. “I loved it because it gave me a natural high without the side effects of caffeine or unnatural energy drinks.

“I missed it so much as I couldn’t get anything like it here and ordering it from overseas was a lengthy process. So I decided there was an opportunity to create it and share it with Australians.”

Getting the balance right

Ms Gerber says some energy drinks already contain yerba mate. But it’s usually mixed and diluted with other stimulants and flavours.

“I wanted to create a drink with yerba mate,” she said. “Its amazing health benefits and its unique refreshing flavour are the hero.

“We trialled a number of samples and taste tests with focus groups until we got the balance of sweetness and taste just right. We then found a local manufacturer in Victoria.”

Ms Gerber describes the yerba mate energy boost as “gentle, clean, and calm”.

“Compared with the other commonly used stimulants in the world – coffee, tea, kola nut, cocoa and guarana – yerba mate delivers the most balanced energy boost without all the side effects,” she said.

“It really is an amazing natural health drink that delivers so many improved energy benefits. I’m so excited to share it.”

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