Friday, June 21, 2024

Aftersmile launches whitening chewing gum

Aftersmile Whitening Oral Care Chewing Gum is promoted as an “Australian-first” sugar-free, 100% xylitol sweetened gum, formulated with micro-granules to help keep your teeth clean and white.

Having successfully launched into retail earlier this year, Aftersmile is now available at all checkouts across Harris Farm stores. The product is also ranged at a number of other retailers, including independent grocers, Mr Vitamins, LiveLife Pharmacy, and select Go Vita stores, Soul Pattinson Chemists and Pharmacy 777 stores.

With the Australian oral care market size expected to expand at 7.7% CAGR from 2022 to 2030, Aftersmile’s founders were seeking a solution to prevent teeth staining and plaque build-up throughout the day, to maintain a “bright white” smile.

Their research found that “habitual xylitol gum chewing appears to show plaque-reducing effects that differ from those of sorbitol gum [Söderling and Pienihäkkinen, Oct 2021]”.

Described by Aftersmile as the “missing accessory” to one’s on-the-go essentials, Aftersmile Whitening Oral Care Chewing Gum contains no artificial sweeteners or colours and is “packed with a punch of natural minty freshness”.

“Plant-sourced xylitol along with sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate micro-granules are the hero ingredients to help keep you smiling with confidence,” says the brand.

With the recent (July 2023) announcement by the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer “classifying aspartame (951) as possibly carcinogenic to humans”, Aftersmile is confident that the product will grow in popularity with consumers as it contains no aspartame and is naturally sweetened.

Aftersmile Whitening Oral Care Chewing Gum is naturally peppermint flavoured, with the team currently exploring other flavours to add to the line.

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