Monday, June 17, 2024

ALDI gaining in fresh vegetables market

ALDI continues to capture more of the fresh vegetables market, posting double-digit growth in sales value across most major vegetable commodities, according to market data by Nielsen.

Reports from Nielsen Homescan show ALDI has enjoyed above-trend value growth for a range of fresh vegetables, including for fresh salad (up 48 per cent), sweet potatoes (43 per cent) and celery (37 per cent).

“While overall sales value is higher for most vegetables than the same time last year, we’ve seen ALDI go above and beyond the increases shown by commodities overall,” AUSVEG spokesman Kurt Hermann said.

“For fresh salads, for example, ALDI posted growth of over 40 per cent in both value and volume sales. Coles also showed expansion in both categories, while Woolworths actually lost ground.

“We’ve also seen other supermarkets – that is, retailers – who don’t fit into the Woolworths, Coles, ALDI or IGA stables, achieve consistent growth across most vegetable commodities.”

Recent figures released by ALDI show it has almost doubled its sales revenue since 2010, with estimates suggesting the retailer has captured close to 11 per cent of Australia’s east-coast supermarket business.

“ALDI has also managed to go against the overall trend for some commodities – while carrots, pumpkin and lettuce have all seen marginal drops in sales value this year, ALDI has increased their sales value for each of them,” Mr Hermann said.

“They’ve also increased their sales volume for cucumber, capsicum and broccoli, despite this indicator actually dropping overall for these commodities. This is a clear indicator that ALDI is increasing its market share against the retailers for several key vegetable commodities.”

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