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Are retailers and consumers disconnected online?

Retailers and consumers may not exactly be on the same page when it comes to online shopping delivery options.

At a time when eCommerce is in the spotlight and many people are turning digital, new research shows that retailers and consumers think differently in terms of what times are appropriate for delivery.

The survey consists of 2000 Australian consumers and 100 large-end retailers.

The statistics find that 34% of consumers said they consider home delivery in 2+ working days to be the most useful option when online shopping. However, only 6% of retailers say that this was the most popular delivery option.

“Our research findings indicate a major divide between what retailers believe is the desired delivery option, compared with what consumers really want or find most effective,” says Managing Director of Manhattan Associates, ANZ, Raghav Sibal.

Almost 50% of retailers say that Click and Collect in 2+ working days was the most popular delivery option amongst customers, which contrasted with only 6% of consumers agreeing that this was the most useful delivery option.

A further 31% of retailers stated that same day home delivery was the most common delivery choice with customers, however, only 8% of consumers consider this to be the most useful choice. Only 27% of retailers reported charging for same day or next day delivery.

Mr Sibal says, “This could mean that the delivery options retailers are offering today are not in line with consumer expectations, leading to unnecessary pressure on already stretched supply chains to deliver goods quicker than consumers actually expect or need them.

“COVID-19 has created an incredibly difficult business environment for many Australian retailers, which means they can’t afford to be carrying any needless costs, such as paying extra to deliver products faster than consumers actually expect.”

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